Northern Pass News 3/15/2012

First, let us begin by saying, the Northern Pass has not yet purchased enough land in Coos county to complete the first 40 miles of the proposed route that would bring 180 miles of terrible towers through NH, to supply electricity to MA and CT. There are some brave, wonderful, and mighty stubborn folks holding out and refusing to sell out to the Northern Pass. They are not influenced by money, but are instead, interested in having a legacy for their children and protecting the area from the scenic blight the towers would cause. Thank you to all of these fine people!

In other news… Seeking The Current (Chercher le Courant) has been making it’s way to various venues throughout the north country. A powerful and moving look at the reality of big hydro power with Hydro Quebec and the history of Quebec’s energy industry. If you cannot make this date, we may be able to show the film on Plymouth Broadcasting network or “PB Cam” soon. Stay tuned and we will post the details when we get them.

*If you are interested in seeing this movie, the last two theater dates are:

Flying Monkey Theater Friday March 16th at 7:00 pm.

Thursday, April 5, 7:00 pm – Putnam Theater, Keene State College, Keene, NH. Admission is Free.

On this note, it is rumored that Jeb Bradley, our Republican leader of the NH senate, was in attendance on March 9th at the Wolfboro Public Library for a screening of Seeking the Current with his wife. It is also rumored that the information in this film caused him to change some of his thoughts about the Northern Pass project. Of course, I’m not sure what his original thoughts were… It did seem as though he was a huge fan of the project in every sense of the word. How that has effected his current thoughts is well, anyone’s guess. I would like to think it stirred his sense of conscience and shifted his perception in a way that caused him to perhaps “rethink” his position on the matter… I’ll give him 1 thumb up for going. I would give him two thumbs up but, I need to see more before I raise the other thumb up in support. Thanks Jeb.

The final good news for the day is to let you all know that not only did HB 648 pass in the senate and was signed into law by Governor Lynch, there was also legislation passed to formalize an under-grounding commission to bury high voltage lines in the state. HB 648 will protect property rights from private, for profit companies–like the Northern Pass, from using the power of eminent domain. The under-grounding commission will establish an energy corridor through the state to bury any high voltage transmission lines that may be built to deliver power to other states.