Jim Rubins for US Senate Talks Government and Northern Pass

Have you ever spoken to a candidate running for office? Have you ever noticed that they don’t really hear you? Usually, their ego’s enter before they do and run amok with any attention they might receive. They spout their platform and never really answer your questions? Or, they attempt to distract you with fancy answers and statistics that never really give you any real information. Well, I was prepared for just that kind of interaction when I met Jim Rubins. Instead, I met a man who was interested, curious and delightfully candid.

Check out our interview with NH US Senate candidate Jim Rubins. As a former state Senator, Jim is running to take Jean Shaheen’s seat as a US Senator. Jim is the peoples Senator, as opposed to a Senator captured by big corporate interests. Although Shaheen appears to be a warm presence on our side, she may just love her corporate friends more. Listen to our interview and consider supporting a senator that wants to answer to the people and work for the people. Jim talks about the Northern Pass project, wind turbines and corporate cronyism in the government. In a time where our government is over run with corporate control and the voice of the people is ignored, it’s time change who we vote for. Don’t be deceived by splashy ads put forth by groups with heavy agendas. Vote for who you really know is listening to YOU! We believe Jim Rubins is doing just that.