About The Alliance

What is the Alliance Against Northern Pass?

It is an aggregation of individual and groups from towns and cities throughout New Hampshire, committed to ending the threat to New Hampshire as presented by the Northern Pass Project. It is the opinion of The Alliance that this power line, if allowed to exist, will alter the character of New Hampshire in a manner that can only be described as horrific.  The Alliance is focused on researching and presenting issues and challenges related to this project for the foreseeable future.

The Alliance intends to disclose the just how damaging the Northern Pass Project will be by making citizens aware of the damage that will be done to the economy and the beauty of the Granite state through; demonstrations, publicity, rallies, social media, newspaper ads, TV ads, radio ads and all manner of general distribution.

  • Get the WORD OUT –– The Alliance is committed to making sure that citizens and other individuals who care about the beauty of our state become informed about the activities of Public Service Company of NH (PSNH); Northern Pass LLC; N – Star; Northeast Utilities (NU); and Hydro Quebec (H-Q) in connection with the efforts being made by these firms to run an above ground high tension line carrying power from Canada right down the center of NH to MASS.
  • Political Action: The Alliance intends to educate all of NH legislators about the facts concerning the Northern Pass; The fact that the power is not needed in NH or in New England as well, and that there is a danger of relying upon power provided by a foreign entity which has announced its intention to secede from Canada to become its own independent country. TheAlliance will work to preventing use of eminent domain by The Northern Pass Project throughout the state of New Hampshire.
  • Fundraising: The Alliance intends to embark on an ambitious program of fundraising in an effort to achieve these goals: This will include seeking donations from impacted corporations and individuals, publishing monthly newspaper with paid advertising and subscription revenues, special events -including things such as golf tournament and concerts.