Governor’s conference at the Mount Washington Hotel July 13, 2104

Protestors of the Northern Pass gather at the Governor’s conference at  the Mount Washington Hotel July 13, 2104.

US Dept of Energy Scoping Meeting



NORTHERN PASS KEEPS COMING – On Tuesday, September 24th, there is an important meeting about Northern Pass in Plymouth at the Silver Center for the Arts in the Hanaway Theater at Plymouth State University from 5:00 to 8:00 pm.  This is a U S Department of Energy Scoping Hearing, which is a mandatory part of the process required for the issuance of a Presidential Permit that would allow the Northern Pass (NP) to cross the US/Canadian Border.  It’s an opportunity to show your opposition to the project and its proposed routing through Owl’s Nest and elsewhere through our precious state by showing up and speaking out against the project.

WHY BEING AT THE MEETING IS SO IMPORTANT – The meeting is designed to allow folks to voice their opinions about the project to Federal officials who are part of the decision making process.  Tom Wagner, Supervisor of the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF) headquartered at Exit 27 right here in Campton, will be there listening carefully to what you say.  He is the US Forest Service’s decision maker who will approve or disapprove NP’s request to run the line overhead right down through the WMNF.  After exiting the WMNF, the transmission lines and towers then continue their disastrous journey south down through Owl’s Nest, over Sunset Ridge, down to and across Exit 28 here in Campton before continuing another 80 +/- miles further south more or less parallel to I 93.

WHAT YOU STAND TO LOSE – Your ride up the interstate and the burst of excitement you always feel when you head north from Plymouth up toward Owl’s Nest, and as you first glimpse the spectacular views of Osceola, Tecumseh and the “Whites” off in the distance will be transformed forever by this totally unneeded and unjustified power line and only you, your neighbors and others like you can stop this crazy, greedy scheme hatched by the officers and directors of Northeast Utilities, the parent corporation of Public Service Company of New Hampshire (PSNH).  Please come to this meeting and let your voices be heard!

PSNH HAS A SHOW AND TELL, BRING AN AIR SICKNESS BAG – If you’d like to learn more about the NP project and precisely what it will look like as it passes through Owl’s Nest or your own neighborhood, you should attend another meeting at 5:30 pm this coming Tuesday, September 17th at the Days Inn located right here in Campton at Exit 27.  This is an informational meeting sponsored by the NP people where they will try to convince you why the NP is such a good project and why you should support NP’s approval here in New Hampshire.  PSNH has a very slick presentation with computers that allow you to enter your address and then see what the towers and lines are supposed to look like from your homes.  This is a great opportunity to give PSNH feedback about how damaging the project will be to our region and to your own peace and serenity.  The opposition is planning to all dress in orange to show our solidarity with the opposition to the project.  Please come, be seen, be vocal and let PSNH know why they shouldn’t be despoiling our region with their ugly towers and thick, dangling cables.

CHECK OUT THE ATTACHED FLYERS FOR MORE DETAILS – I am attaching two ads that are being run locally about the September 24th meeting in Plymouth.  If you can only come to one of these two meetings, come to this Plymouth meeting on the 24th and be heard.  These ads tell you how to sign up in advance to speak.  You cannot leave this up to your neighbors to speak for you.  You need to come and represent yourselves.