Landowner Information

Before PSNH can enter your land, even if from an exisitng right-of-way that they have on your land, you must agree to sign a right-of-entry agreement (ROE). PSNH has been paying $400 for signed agreements. They entitle PSNH to run tests on your land for a specified time (several years).

Before you sign an ROE, consult a lawyer. Have a lawyer make the first contact with PSNH.

You have no obligation whatsoever to speak with anyone from Northern Pass or PSNH. They are requesting that you talk with them; they cannot demand that you do so.

Things to consider if contacted:

1. If you get a letter or phone call asking to speak with you about visiting your property or acquiring a right of way across your land for a power line, you are urged to get legal advice before you respond.  Let your lawyer make the contact with the power company to find out more detail and to discuss with you an appropriate response;

2.  Be very careful dealing with the agents of the power company.  They are being paid a salary and probably a bonus to achieve the goal of their employer.  They are not there to be your friend or your advisor;

3. Don’t automatically believe what they tell you.  Whatever they tell you is something that can and likely will change in the future.

4. You don’t have to respond or talk with them if you don’t want to;

5. They don’t have any permits to build the transmission line.  The process of seeking permits has barely begun and it will take at least two years and probably a lot more than that before we will know whether or not they can get the permits.  Don’t let them scare you into sudden action; and

6. Whatever you do, don’t give them an option to acquire a right of way.  It is the same thing as giving them the right of way.  It is binding on the landowner but it is the power company’s “option” whether or not to exercise it.

The next Landowner Rights meeting is scheduled for Jan. 28th. See the Calendar page for details.

The deadline in New Hampshire for municipal tax abatement “for good cause shown” is March 1. Forms are here.