Jack Savage: Why The Northern Pass Project Should Just Bury The Line

Jack from the New Hampshire Forest Society is back with new information on the Northern Pass Project. Why the project is facing a huge uphill battle because as usual, PSNH along with Hydro Quebec of Canada and North East Utilities, insist on using an easement that will decimate thousands of property values, views, and well traveled tourist areas. Why? Because they think they can of course.

North East Utilities owns PSNH of New Hampshire as a subsidiary company and the PSNH easement connects Canada to both Massachusetts and Connecticut where the power is supposed to go. If they can successfully use the easement, they can take ALL of the rent money from a foreign power company, even though property owners along the ROW actually own the land. That’s in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year folks. North East Utilities is playing hard ball because they want to monetize this route for themselves. Land owners will receive only the devaluation in their property values, the health effects of EMF radiation, and the loss and heart ache that brings. While North East Utilities collects all the cash.

Jack Savage talks about a new line going in in Vermont that will be exclusively underground for 150 miles and will, like the Northern Pass, deliver 1200 megawatts of energy to southern New England. Sounds like now, there are three underground projects in the works: one in New York, one in Vermont, and one in Maine. There is only one above ground antiquated cheap stinker going up and it’s the Northern Pass project in New Hampshire. Having three underground projects underlines the bogus attempt by PSNH, NEU, and Hydro Quebec to build on the cheap for the gain in profit that will go to the share holders. The losers are the New Hampshire land owners and the tourists stuck staring at the towers as they drive north on route 93.

What about all those “jobs” and “tax benefits”? If you believe the hype generated from the PSNH PR machine, you are not hearing all of the facts, you are hearing a finely crafted message. Don’t be so quick to believe it.

Donating to the NH Forest Society is money well spent as they have put their money into buying land to block the project. They have also hired lawyers to study the easements that PSNH wants use and assumes they can. The Forest Society thinks they may not be able to. Go to www.forestsociety.org to donate or just check out what else they do to keep New Hampshire special.

Alliance Goes to Concord and Holderness for Homeowner and Forest Society Interviews

How would feel about hosting the Northern Pass towers on your land? How much control do you have when you grant an easement to a big power company? Okay so, imagine that you own all of the land and grant an easement to PSNH, pay all the taxes including the land PSNH uses, and then the power company turns around and rents your land to a foreign company? And make hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars on the rental of your land. Another example of a corporate bullies swishing in with a load of fancy talking lawyers with deep pockets in a grand standing effort to abuse an easement never originally intended to become a extension cord for the Northern Pass project. Jack Savage from the NH Forest Society addresses this issue and questions the authority of PSNH in this matter. He assures us we will hear more about this matter soon.

Well, we have interviews with three different land owners, two in Concord and one in Holderness. They discuss what would happen to their property if the Northern Pass is built. Meanwhile, landowners are stuck paying all the taxes as usual with a possible drastic loss in property value while increasing the danger of long-term exposure to EMF radiation. Sounds like a bum deal to me…